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Ways To Get Involved

Birders who truly appreciate their subjects understand the importance of protecting them so that others may glean the same happiness from these fascinating creatures.  Activism is the best weapon in the birder’s arsenal.  When we say the word “activism”, our minds normally jump to the people who do the kinds of protests that get them on the nightly news, and not everyone wants to be those people.  The most common misconception about activism is that we generally make this kind of assumption, without realizing that activism has nothing to do with numbers or extreme measures.  In fact, some of the best activists are the people who never reach fame and never do something that one would consider being especially out of the ordinary.  The best way to be an activist is to get involved in your community, be aware, and teach others to do the same.  For instance, if an area nearby that is a very unique habitat is being considered for development, don’t tie yourself to a bulldozer – look for the law that can prevent it, and make others aware of the issue at hand.  Another great way to be an avian activist is by donating your time and resources to organizations that work to preserve habitats or to rehabilitation centers.  These organizations welcome any kind of help, and there is always work to be done.  Another great way to get involved is by raising awareness about issues by documenting them and showing them to the community.  You can organize clean-ups of local wildlife areas.  Regardless of the methods you use, any help, any involvement, is better and more beneficial than none at all. 

Nature and bird appreciation is something to be learned. Take time to show somebody the joy of nature through birding. Invite your neighbor for a picnic at the local park and point out the birds you see around. For sure he/she will be impressed by your knowledge and soon enough will join you on future birding adventures. For those with an artistic talent, take birds for your subject. Painting, sketching, wood sculpture and photography are big ways to get closer to this subject and learn more about them. Serious artists need to portray their subjects with accuracy that often involves a deep study of their subject's colors, shapes and even behaviors.

Joining a local birding club or any organization such as Audubon, Sierra Club or a local environmental group, will surely put you in close contact with nature and birds. The most important thing is to enjoy and respect nature. Now start birding!



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