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Conservation & Citizen Science Programs

Citizen Science Programs are most commonly science based projects in which volunteers help gathering demographic or distribution information on one or a group of target species. Other projects involve working on experimental basis on environmental projects such as habitat restoration or tracking the spread of diseases on birds. Some of these programs only require careful observation and documentation of a particular animal or the frequency of a particular event.

The purpose of these programs is to engage the general public on activities that involve the use of a scientific process to gather valuable data. On the other hands these programs foster environmental awareness and appreciation of our natural world. Ordinary people have the opportunity to actively help acquire a great knowledge of the ecology of and contribute to the conservation of our valuable natural resources, while involved in activities that they enjoy.  The data collected through citizen science programs can be incorporated into management and conservation plans, and even have an effect on local, state and federal policy development. 

At Lake Region Audubon we truly believe on the importance of citizen science, and are currently developing several projects in which you could volunteer. Check some of our ongoing projects on the left and learn how you can help.


For more infomation contact the LRAS Citizen Science Coordinators at:



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