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General Public Programs

The Lake Region Audubon hosts a series of programs that are open to the general public. These programs were design to promote nature education and to invite the community to enjoy nature based activities. Several programs are offered during the year, please visit our Calendar for more information and current availability.


Presentations are usually given by invited guest speakers or a staff member. Topics of these presentations vary and cover many different subjects related to nature and conservation. Check some of the events coming up on the left side of this page.


Workshops provide the participants with hands-on experience and enhance the learning experience through collaboration. Some workshops are multi-day events and may be held at other locations. Some, like Birding 101, has two indoor sessions held at the Howe House, followed by an in-the-field practice at Circle B Bar Reserve.

For more information on scheduled programs, visit our calendar


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Conservation in Florida - Gary White

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