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A World of Parrots
Breakfast With The Birds

Cost $12.00 adults $8 Kids

Join us for a full breakfast and a presentation on the Parrots of the World. Learn about these magnificent birds, their social structure and behaviors as we venture around the world in search of the most unique species. Learn about our only endemic parrot the Carolina Parakeet and what caused its extinction, and who was smarter "Alex" the African Grey or a 5th grader.

Enjoy a full breakfast including waffles, pancakes, an omelets station, ham, sausages and assortments of fresh fruits, juices and coffee. All of these surrounded by live birds including a Scarlet Macaw, a Blue & Gold a Cockatoo and few other parrots.  Have your picture taken with one of these beautiful birds and learn about their status in the wild. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and share some time with these wonderful ambassadors of the avian world.

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Don't forget to bring your camera for a photo opportunity with the big birds!

Meet some of our avian guests

Sammy the Scarlet Macaw from Costa Rica
Meet Sunshine the Blue & Gold Macaw from Brazil.
Mackie the Military Macaw from Mexico
Marci the Indian Ringed-necked Parakeet.
Savannah is a Senegal parrot, native to west Africa.
Sugar Baby the White Cockatoo from Australia.

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