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Birding Program




Birding 101
Street Audubon Nature Center
Space limited to 15 participants

An introduction to birding. Learn about bird identification, equipment, techniques and the best times and locations to find birds. Occasionally birds can be identified by using several clues including behaviors, flight patterns and sounds. Subtle differences between species can be confusing at times, but with careful observation you will be able to pick up those differences quickly. Learning the main bird orders and families will greatly improve your decision-making when spotting a bird in the wild. This workshop will teach you how to take notes in the field for later identification of those first time observations. We'll help you become a better birder not only by learning the proper identification, but by learning how to collect relevant information for that particular species being watched.

The workshop is divided in three separate sessions. The first and second sessions are held indoors at the Street Audubon Nature Center. The last session is a birding trip to Circle B Bar to test your new skills and practice identification.

Reinier Munguia
Lake Region Audubon Society

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Learn how to use identification marks in the field.

Positive identification of some birds requires knowing variations in plumage as the bird transitions from immature to adult; such is the case of the Little Blue Heron.

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