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Birding Program




Birding 101 Advanced
Street Audubon Nature Center
(Limited to 15 participants)
Fee: Free

This workshops teaches you how to identify birds by behaviors and calls. Sometimes birds hide in the vegetation and it's hard to have a positive visual identification, but by listening to their songs we may be able to get a good idea of what bird it was. Even the drumming patterns on woodpeckers varies from one species to the other. Behaviors will also give you good clues as to the identity of a bird. This is essential when describing distant birds or those in flight. Most wading birds use different methods to capture their food, event the way they beat their wings in flight are different and could be used to make the proper identification.

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Songs and calls can be used to identify or confirm an species when out of sight.

Some birds like this Black & White warbler exhibit species specific behaviors, like walking upside-down on tree branches.

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