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Nature Photography Mentor Series

Street Audubon Nature Center
115 Lameraux Rd. Winter Haven, FL.
Fee: $25.00 per session

March 5th 6:00-8:00 pm (Reinier Munguia)
Nature Photography Basics*

March 6th 6:00-8:00 pm (Herman Moulden)
Macro & Close Up Photography*

March 7th 6:00-8:00 pm (Reinier Munguia)
Avian Photography*

This is a fund raiser event for the Lake Region Audubon Society.

*All workshops are accompanied with a multimedia CD-ROM containing valuable information and techniques and a photo outing to be scheduled during the first session.

Nature Photography Basics

This presentation covers useful techniques for those interested in nature photography. We’ll cover techniques on how to improve the quality of your images through the use of proper exposure, how to deal with the dynamic range of modern digital cameras and the use of ND filters. Learn how to solve problems in the field, what gear to take with you, and how to see nature from a documentary perspective. Master the light and conquer the elements that can ruin a great shot. Learn techniques on how to deal with harsh light, wind and other things that can affect the quality of your images.

Learn techniques for landscapes, mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and many more nature subjects.

Macro & Close Up Photography

This workshop will introduce the participants to the amazing world of macro & close-up photography, its requirements and techniques. Learn how to find, approach and photograph wary creatures in their environment. Techniques to be discussed include magnification factors, exposure compensations, controlling depth-of-field, and backgrounds.

Learn the solutions to a variety of problems that macro photographers face in the field, including how to master the light, control the elements, and what to do when you forget to pack the macro lens. Macro photography does not have to be expensive and with today’s technology almost anybody with a camera can explore this fascina-ting field.

Avian Photography Workshop

Join this workshop full of information, on-field experiences and techniques, to obtain that bird photo you always wanted. Professional Photographer Reinier Munguía will share his knowledge and experiences of the wonderful world of bird photography. Learn his techniques and details on capturing many bird species, including Scrub Jays, Painted Buntings, and many others in a professional and affordable way. Topics to be covered on this presentation include:

· Equipment
· Lens handling techniques
· Determining exposure
· Protecting the highlights
· How to obtain sharper images
· Depth of field
· Flash techniques (Fill-Flash)
· The perfect background
· Capturing birds in flight
· How to approach your subject
· Many more

All these and much more will be covered in this workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring sample work and their photo equipment if they have any questions on how to use it properly.

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I had the pleasure of taking a few of your classroom workshops and one field workshop during the Space Coast Bird Festival this past week.  I learned so much from your instructions and understand much more about my camera and photography in general.  What I learned the most is that I have much more to learn.

S. Harraden - Naples, FL

Just a note to say thanks for the great workshop and classes that I took from you at the Birding and Fotofest. Thanks for pushing me to use a flash which was not something I was comfortable with prior to taking your class.

Tim Chickering
Fly Away Home Studios, MD

Reiner I just had to say again how much I enjoyed and learned from your seminar on Photoshop, the tips you gave are priceless if you plan any one or two day seminars in Central Florida on Photoshop, please drop me an email. I would like attend.

Mike Cressy - FL

I consider myself lucky to attend your avian photography workshop this past Thursday evening at Circle B.  Capturing birds in flight has always been a problem for me.  Your suggestion of using a 9 point sensor instead of the 51 struck a cord with me.  I have made the change in my Nikon D300 and look forward to attempting bird flight and dragonfly images.

Nancy M. March - Haines City, FL

I wanted Thank you very much, I enjoyed each of your classes and learned something in each class. Due to this, and they way you talked about the Nikon D-300,  LOL  I went out and bought the camera on Tuesday. (I hope it's not to much camera for me, no auto scene modes for fast and quick shots, )  as of your classes, I do feel like and can get any most day light photos I want. 

Randolph Arieux - Titusville, FL

I enjoyed meeting you at the Birding & Fotofest and taking your Bird Photography 101. I learned a lot in that short period and want to learn more.

Eloy Castroverde - Jacksonville, FL

Your enthusiasm and patience is remarkable and every time I see your workshops I know that I'm going to learn a lot and leave more excited about photography. Thank you!

Don Seigrist


About the Instructor(s)

Herman Moulden has been photographing wildlife for several years and lately has dedicated most of his time to capture the small creatures. Having worked for many years in a police crime lab, gathering evidence with a camera was not only his job, but his passion. Today he's an accomplished nature photographer who likes to share his time in the field with other macro enthusiast. He displays some of his work at nature centers and nature festivals in Central Florida and spends much of his time photographing insects at the Circle B Bar Reserve.

Reinier Munguia is a commercial and nature photographer with a strong education and conser-vation vision. His work has appeared in several publications including textbooks and magazines. His is passion for nature has taken him to become an advocate for causes related to the protection of species. Educating people about nature has become his most important goal. He reaches thousands of people every year through his nature presentations in schools and nature events. Over the year he has presented at large nature and photography events in Florida such as the Space Coast Birding Festival, The Big "O", and the Fist Coast Nature & Photo Fest among others.

Wanting to explore more of that natural world has led Reinier to lead photography & birding trips though the United States, as well as other countries including Costa Rica, Ecuador and Puerto Rico. Reinier has spent the last 20 years documenting wildlife and their struggles with still photography, but has recently added filmmaking to his arsenal of educating material. Filmmaking allows him to send the conservation message across by captivating the audience with action packed natural history footage.

About the Mentor Series Workshops

When compared to other photography workshops the Mentor Series allows the participant to maximize the time with the instructor through outings and online communication. The instructor will continue to assist you through an online forum. You'll also have the chance to join Wildstock photo events and join the group of highly qualified conservation photographers that will help you getting meaningful nature photos.

Here's a sampler of some of the resources you will receive on this workshops.

Download this publication on Macro Photography courtesy of

Duckweed Firetail Damselfly
© Herman Moulden
Gulf Fritillary
© Herman Moulden

Turquoise-browed Motmot, Costa Rica
© R. Munguia

Red-eyed Tree Frog
© R. Munguia

115 Lameraux Road ∙ Winter Haven, Florida 33884 (863) 259-8497