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The Scrub Jay Times

In an effort to better serve and educate our community and members, we have redesigned our newsletter. The improved format will include more educational articles as well as relevant information for our members regading events, outings etc. This newsletter in combination with our new website, should be an effective method to keep our community aware of our chapter's activities and our role in conservation. It will also provide nature education resources to the general public. Please take your time to review our latest issue and let us know what you think, we are open to suggestions.

If you or anyone you know is interested on writing for our newsletter please let us know. We also encourage our readers to suggest topics they want to read about. Remember our newsletter will be used as an educational tool, thus some of our topics need to have an educational value. Please feel free to be part of this publication, by submitting and article or suggesting a topic.

To send your suggestions or articles please send your email to:



Current Newletter Spring 2013

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