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Here are some of the presentations developed at the Lake Region Audubon Educational Department. While you can use these presentations free of charge, we ask that they're not modified in any way without the proper permission. Please notify us of any problems you may encounter while using these resources.

For information on any of these programs and resources please contact,

These presentations can be viewed using a standard Internet browser. Just click on the presentation of your choice and it will load on your screen. Navigating through the presentation is really easy. Just click on the lower right hand side of the screen to move to the next slide or on the lower left to move back. Some additional interactivity may be available in which case it will be announced on the slide.

These programs can also be downloaded to your computer for later use, or when internet connectivity is not available by clicking on the link below the image.


The LRAS is not responsible for any problems you may encounter while playing any of the presentations. Please do not distribute. These are made available to you strictly to be used for nature education any other use is prohibited without our permission. Thank you.

General Presentations
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Birding Presentations
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Other Subjects

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