What We Do


Conservation projects taken by our chapter include habitat restoration and enhancement, and an active position in defending our conservation interests by assisting the local goverment in decision making on environmental issues. Our chapter’s members are involved in several projects including bird and butterflies’ census and bird counts such as the Christmas Bird Count and the Feeder Watch programs.


One of our goals is to educate our community about the importance of protecting our environment through conservation, education and actions. Education is one of our top priorities at LRAS. Many sucessful conservation projects are the result of a careful study of the situation combined with the education of the parties involved. By teaching our kids today, we are seeding for a brighter future tomorrow. Please check our nature educational programs for more information on how we can help your organization in sending the protection and conservation message.

The more people learn and understand about their environment , the wildlife, and plants that thrive in them, the more likely people are to conserve and protect them.

Additional Programs

In addition to our conservation efforts and education, our chapter also provide our community with other programs such as nature art, landscaping workshops, photography and many others. These programs help to bring the community together to work collaborately while gaining awareness on thier natural surroundings.